TechMondial Secure Products


Personnel Security


Anti-Hostage Entry System

Have complete control over who accesses your secure area. The Rotary Personnel Access Control Door makes sure only the people you authorise can individually enter and exit a high security area.


  • Systematic authorisation – on entering and leaving the secured area, you would need:
  • Initial PIN validation
  • Fingerprint identification – using a Biometric Fingerprint Reader
  • Individual weight confirmation – individual body weights are scanned via a built-in load sensor programme
  • Time validation – you can set specific times of day for authorisation
  • Anti-hostage protection – the door only accepts one person at time – no additional person can force entry

Any incorrect data and they are not accepted – the door will automatically send them back to the side they entered (whether secure or insecure).

Simple Management


A simple control system manages the Rotary Door – all you need to do is install the Building Access Control System (BACS) software on to your computer. A Full Database Audit Trail using Microsoft Access keeps track of all the movements through the door.


Other features


  • Maximum protection – the door passes both BS5051/1988 and G2/S86
  • Compact design – the unit can fit in most doorways
  • Electrically operated via 240 volt, 13 amp supply