TechMondial Limited provides professional security technology supply and distribution services to governmental, NGO, military, defence, police, academic and commercial clients worldwide.


TechMondial delivers cutting edge solutions around the globe, including the unique and field-proven zNose utra-fast portable GC trace detection instrument and the gold standard Flex Series UVSS solution.


Threat detection and threat mitigation are now mission crucial for governmental and private sector orgainsations.


In addition, TechMondial partners with innovators, patent-holders and manufacturers of high-technology surveillance, detection and protection products to provide Gold-standard solutions for today's increasingly sophisticated threats.


Operating globally, we provide an international marketing, research, PR, legal and distribution and VAR channel development solution to organisations wishing to develop new and existing markets for thier product.


TechMondial also serves various commercial and governmental organisations as a specialist bespoke procurement agent for security and military products.


Our current portfolio of carefully selected products includes the:


zNose 7100, zNose 4200, zNose 4300, zNose 4500 and the zNose 4600 vapour tracer ( GC/SAW )


Flex gold standard Under Vehicle Surveillance / Inspection Systems ( UVSS / UVIS ) for HVM


Specialist vehicles, including leading cash-in-transit ( CIT ) vehicles and cash-centre technologies


Within our team, decades of international commercial and technological experience deliver bespoke solutions for both vendors and purchasers of high-tech security solutions; addressing the depth and breadth of current, and future, security threats.