The The Acoustical Recognition Monitoring System (ARMS) is a stand-alone acoustic sensor with directional capabilities that hears, identifies, and reacts to pre-defined sound signatures. These sound signatures are recognized by ARMS in less than a second. ARMS then triggers a response as an electronic, audible, or visual alarm to a predetermined location. Alarms are sent via wireless transmission or phone line, with the sound location pinpointed on a stored map image.

ARMS can be coupled with an already existing camera system to deliver both sight and sound monitoring. ARMS' microphone array can provide immediate directional information for the camera, which can be used by a central command or remote center to zero in on suspicious activity. For tracking and location accuracy, especially in remote settings, an optional GPS link is available.


  • Ultra-fast - sounds are identified in less than a second
  • Lightning response - an electronic, visual or audio alarm is sent instantly to the location of your choice
  • Choice of communication - The response is sent via a wireless or direct phone line
  • Pinpoint accuracy - you get highly detailed regional and topographical information
    • a live video feed can provide a map, satellite image or aerial photograph of the immediate area

Want to combine an existing camera with your ARMS? Here's what is possible:

  • Complete sight and sound monitoring
    • The ARMS system can direct the camera to the immediate position
    • You get an immediate view of the scene
    • A GPS option can be added giving you location and tracking accuracy in the most remote area