TechMondial - Distributors, Agents and Partners


The current global economy offers both opportunities and challenges for innovators and businesses seeking to establish their products into markets outside their immediate reach.


It is not enough just to have a good product at the right price, you must also be able to target and actively promote your products to local and specific customers.


In order to support our clients in this regard, TechMondial has developed representation across varied markets worldwide.


Our distributors and agents are individually selected for thier local market knowledge and expertise - which they have succesfully demonstrated to us.


To obtain contact details for your territory and/or sector distributor or agent, please email


For special bid and small quantity enquiries for non-assigned sectors or territories, please contact


Although TechMondial has extensive distribution networks already established, we acknowledge that certain current and forthcoming products and technologies may have special requirements.


For this reason, our marketing team carefully assesses your products and your specific targets to determine if your goals are achievable using our existing networks.


If we establish that TechMondial’s existing partnerships are not the appropriate platform for your products, we will identify suitable local operations or representatives to work with our local distributor and us to provide the specific marketing and support that your product deserves.


We also look to attract suitable distributors in new and currently unallocated sectors for our range of products.


We can offer sector and territory exclusivity, nominated account protection, price-protection and OEM status, subject to certain criteria.


For more information on becoming a TechMondial value-added partner please click here