TechMondial Security Technology


TechMondial's portfolio of gold-standard products represent cutting edge technology; proven in the field and offering unrivalled performance.


The product ranges fall into three main categories; surveillance, detection and protection.


Their applications are primarily threat mitigation, anti-terrorist and secure transportation of valuables.


The zNose ultra-fast gas-chromotagraph ( GC ) delivers in-the-field rapid analysis of suspect vapours - useful for 'hands-off' explosive and contraband detection.


UVSS and UVIS ( Under Vehicle Surveillance and Inspection Systems ) solutions supplied by TechMondial provide vital and operator safe vehicle screening and threat detection to key facilities such as ports and embassies around the globe.


The UVSS / UVIS solution can be further enhanced by Automatic Number Plate Recognition ( ANPR ).


The UVSS solution from TechMondial is installed at over 130 key sites around the globe.


Our international gold standard UVSS solution for this increasing security requirement, the key element of all hostile vehicle mitigation ( HVM ) planning and implementation.


TechMondial's products provide solutions to previously near-impossible challenges, enhancing the value of ownership and the delivery of meaningful results - securing life and property.


Quality of design, engineering and manufacture are common throughout the TechMondial range.


Each product range meets the four TechMondial criteria for selection:

  • innovation
  • uniqueness
  • performance
  • return on investment

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Product List

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Sentri II


Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS / UVIS)

NEW Model 4500
Portable zNose

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Model 7100
Benchtop zNose

CIT Vehicles

Secure Products

T2000 Smoke/Dye Cash Container