Sentri II


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Sentri II

Be prepared with the system that can 'hear' sounds


It hears the sound, identifies it and directs a camera at the source - all in an instant. You get a view of the scene in real-time on your screen.


The Sentri II system can help you:

  • Increase the effectiveness of your patrol
  • Lower the risk of patrols on scene arrival
  • Have around-the-clock prosecution evidence, in any weather or location

The system is perfect for areas needing extra protection:

  • High-incident neighbourhoods
  • Boat docks and piers
  • Research labs
  • Border crossing trails
  • Warehouses
  • High-traffic train crossings
  • Potential drug trafficking

The system can also be highly customisable to your requirements:

  • Easily movable - permanently mounting or portable with direct wiring or wireless communication
  • Custom sound patterns - sounds can be programmed into the Sentri II for any situation
  • Camera upgrades
    • Colour zoom lens for higher detail
    • Low light/night vision for minimal vision conditions
    • Infrared cameras for difficult vision conditions
    • Laser mapping and video motion cameras to pick up movement
  • Strobe Light - alerts personnel of activation, sensor detection or indicate normal operation
  • Data Recorder - data is recorded at the central command centre, with the in-unit video and audio record acting as backup
  • Heater A/C - added to maintain ideal operating conditions
  • Special Sentri II Case - bullet proof case using a ceramc composite material provided by ArmourWorks
  • Biometric Tracking - facial identification and recognition can be linked to national and international criminal databases
  • Chemical and Vapour Sensor - can be added to detect a range of materials:
    • Explosive materials
    • Chemicals
    • Nerve agents
    • Narcotics
    • Petrol
    • Moulds and fungus
    • Other air-bourne contaminants
  • Seismic and Vibration Sensor - useful in lights-off periods when there is a perimeter breach.