Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS)


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Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS)

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM)


Vehcile Access Control (VAC)


This market-leading Under Vehicle Surveillance System ( UVSS ) is designed to scan, monitor and digitally record the complete underside of a vehicle.


In addition, vehicle registration plate ( ANPR ) and facial recognition software can be integrated to provide the Gold Standard Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) solution for complete Vehicle Acess Control (VAC.)


Whether permanent or portable this UVSS system is rugged and weatherproof for all extremes (heat, wet, sand and snow) and will scan in real-time, and full colour, vehicles weighing up to 48 tons with widths of up to 12 feet (special requirements are serviced on request)


TechMondial's Gold Standard UVSS provides:

  • Complete monitoring and DVR recording system
  • Underside explosives / foreign body detection
  • Real-time detection of objects / threats
  • Modular expansion and integration for comprehensive HVM
  • Sapphire crystal lenses for long life scratch resistance
  • Waterproof rated to 30 metres
  • Lifetime corrosion warranty on camera housing
  • Full IP integration as standard
  • Easily installed by 2-man crew in 3 to 4 hours for permananet install


The UVSS is ideal for HVM and VAC in the following vulnerable sites:

  • Government buildings
  • Military installations
  • Transportation control
  • Financial institutions
  • Embassy compounds
  • Power plants
  • Industrial sites
  • Casinos, stadiums and hotels
  • Residential complexes / palaces

The UVSS includes:

  • Rugged inspection ramp - supports up to 48 tons from a stationary or mobile vehicle
  • Highly-mobile - either can be mounted permanently or made portable
  • Long-life cameras - scratch resistant, sapphire-crystal lensed cameras:
    • High resolution colour cameras - 510px x 410px
    • Vast depth of field - 0.5in to 50ft
    • Individually angled option
    • Specially designed housing does not let water, oil, dust stick to the surface of the lens. Sealed housing prevents dust, water and moisture accumulation in the housing.
    • Does not require high pressure cleaning systems to clean lens off and also does not require service personnel to go out and constantly use a squeezey for cleaning the glass. Virtually eliminates a maintenance department and associated cost.
  • Advanced Digital Video Recording (DVR)
  • Monitors - Standard System comes with flat screen 15"LCD monitors for Viewing and 17" for the Monitoring system
  • Long-life illumination
    • 10,000 Lumens Bright white, led lights with 100,000 hours of operation guaranteed to light the undercarriage as bright daylight, no IR needed for this HVM solution. Dusk or dawn conditions including pitch darkness are accommodated with our system. The LED can been seen 0.5 Km away in total darkness.
    • No condensation or fog within the camera/lighting enclosure - waterproof camera housing, lifetime warranty on the housing, rated for 30 meters of water depth for waterproofing, designed to melt off snow in cold regions and sustain heat resistant conditions in desert environments.
  • Cabling
    • Single 20m weather-rated, waterproof cable included
    • 300m maximum distance between ramp and control unit
  • Automatic Licence / Number Plate Recognition (ANPR/LPR) System (Optional)
  • Facial Recognition System (Optional)
  • Barrier and Blocker Control Systems (Optional)

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