TechMondial Strategic Partnerships


TechMondial believes that the ability to establish partnerships with other companies, on occasion with competitors, is one of the key methods for overcoming certain market barriers and restrictions.


This approach can rapidly penetrate a market or secure a specific project at lower costs than might otherwise be the case.


In pairing the relative advantage of each team member, the overall team's effectiveness and efficiency increases, as does the likelihood of success - with the client securing the optimum solution at the most price-competitive cost.


TechMondial has established teaming arrangements across various products, technologies and markets.


The associations range from bid-specific cooperation to joint ventures incorporating different technologies and market skill sets.


The teaming process adopted by TechMondial includes the following factors:

  • determining the market positioning of a client's product or technology;
  • filtering and selecting the most suitable manufacturing or marketing partner(s); 
  • securing the most beneficial teaming terms and conditions.

TechMondial's success in establishing teaming arrangements is based on our extensive product and technology knowledge, marketing skills and our international network of contacts with manufacturing and marketing companies across the industrial, petrochemical, life-science, defence and security fields.